1. How old do I have to be to download these ringtones?

Simple. If you’re under 18 then please leave and come back again when you’re older. In the meantime please tell anyone you know who’s over 18 that we’re here. Thanks.

2. Are the ringtones compatible with my phone?

All the ringtones are in mp3 format so your device should be able to play them.

3. Are the ringtones compatible with my sense of humour?

If you think a swearing robot is funny, then yes. If the very concept of anything even remotely sweary offends you then most likely no. You are the master of your own destiny, if you do decide to put Rude Robot Ringtones on your phone just make sure it’s on silent at Grandma’s funeral.

4. So, how rude are these ringtones?

Well, some of them are quite tame such as some of the “Yo Momma” jokes (eg “Yo Momma’s so old, she drove a chariot to high school!”) whereas a lot of the others contains various degrees of swear words. These range from a light hearted splash of “asshole” to a modicum of full-on “fucking” and finishing off with a smattering of “cunt”. If you are offended by any of these words then why are you even here?

5. Can I listen to the ringtones before I download them?

Yes, just click on the player in the description part of each one to hear what it sounds like. You’ll then know if it’s rude enough for you.
Eg. F*ck you, a**hole!

6. Do I have to pay for the ringtones?

At present all ringtones are FREE so you won’t have to pay for them. Please feel free to visit any of our advertisers on the site though. This way we might just be able to afford to buy the odd coffee once in a while.

7. I’ve downloaded the ringtones onto my laptop – how do I get them onto my phone?

Depending on the where your ringtones have been downloaded (desk top computer, laptop, tablet, Mac, phone etc) you may need to transfer the files to the phone or device where you want to use them. We’ve put together some video tutorials to help. Just follow this link: ruderobotringtones.com/helpful-vids

8. I would like you to make me a bespoke Rude Robot Ringtone?

We’d love to. Just email us at help@ruderobotringtones.com with the words you’d like the robot to say and we’ll see what we can do. Please bear in mind that we reserve the right not produce anything if we feel it is too offensive – ie we won’t tolerate racism, homophobia or anything that might piss of any religious nut jobs.

If we do produce any bespoke ringtones, please also bear in mind that we may add it to the website with all the others and you will be under no obligation to download it. You will also have no rights to the ringtone whatsoever or to any potential future sales revenue, if any. Just sayin’.

9. I’m having problems – can you help?

If you have any problems with the website, your account or any downloads please just email us at help@ruderobotringtones.com and we’ll be more than happy to help. Our ringtones may be rude but we like to think that we are not.

Unfortunately we are not qualified to assist with any issues you may have with your health or general mental wellbeing.